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Stockholm Design 

How spend a wonderful week end in Scandinavia. 
First of all, I planned this short week-end for months and I can say that Stockholm is the city of design! I visited every little angle like a baby in a toy shop. 
Here you are the 9 top sightseeing! 

1. 7. At the top of my planning there were: Fotografiska Museum, yes my second passion is the photography. I really lived this place I couldn't go out from it... It was fantastic! I really loved the space dedicated to Vee-Speers  | PHOTOGRAPHERS | YOU CAN'T GO OUT TO THIS MUSEUM AFTER SEE THIS SHOW IT'S SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. 

2. Acne Studios Shop 

3. Central Station 

4. Ericson Globe

4. 8. Having dinner at Stockholm city centre is so chic and glamoure. I appreciated the "tipical dishes" and their way to decorate the plate like it was an art opera!

6. Mood New and stylish galleria with a focus on fashion and design. MOOD Stockholm is on Regeringsgatan in the block that connects the Hamngatan and Bibliotekstan shopping districts, you can't miss it! 

9. Vasa Museum

Paolo Roversi portrait inspired me in this sketch....I think he is a great photographer, you can say more here:

Brands & Design 
Before come back home I couldn't stop in airport to buy some souvenirs... 



When drawing is not a thing to do but something which you need. 

La notte è davvero il momento migliore per lavorare. Tutte le idee sono lì per essere tue perché tutti gli altri dormono. (Catherine O’Hara)

 I drew these sketches last night. Doing some exercises is always a great way to relax my mind. 
In this portrait I used, pencil, marker, and rubber.
Hope you like it. 



Why I choose to open a blog 

A lot of friends asked to me why I choose to open a blog: 
-"Where are you going to go with your sketches?"- ; - "Why are you photographing your drawings?"

In this post I'm going to answer at these questions 

Surfing in to the web I found a very interesting blog who tells about your free time, and what do you do to relax. "Do something each day that you can 
look forward to. Something that you like, not because it helps you reach your goals, but just because it’s fun."

I have drawn since I started to take a pencil in my hands. When I was a child my mum used give to me a sketchbook and a lot of markers of different colours 
to pass my free time. 


Le mie foto


My name is Luana I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and amateur photographer based in Italy. In this blog I write about illustrations, fashion and whatever I like.